River Rafting your Way to Financial Success

When I began teaching UCLA Extension in 1976, I had no idea it would be so much fun. I vividly remember how strange it felt parking in the instructor’s lot for the first time instead of the student’s lot. Not only was I teaching my first class ever, I suddenly realized I would be one of the youngest people attending. I felt butterflies in my stomach.

Fast forward 39 years… No longer am I concerned about being one of the youngest in the room. On Sat., Jan. 24, I will be teaching my annual 1 day experiential workshop for UCLA Extension called Psychology of Money: How to Strengthen a Money Mindset & Increase Financial Success. It is significantly revised based upon recent research and has new experiential exercises and case stories.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be sending out some short blogs about topics likely to improve your relationship with money. Even though I do not pIay the lottery, I will even share a cool interview I did for the BBC with some surprises entitled “How to Win the Lottery.”

I practice a holistic approach to helping others which means I believe our mind, body and spirit combine to play a significant role in creating health and success.

Psychological Bandwidth

intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual energy we have available to think creatively and make effective decisions. When we feel a sense of wellbeing, presence, inner peace and clarity, our psychological bandwidth is maximal. We are able to marshal our full resources, creativity and Prosperity Thinking on whatever we need to accomplish. In contrast, when we feel pressured, worried, afraid, or preoccupied, our psychological bandwidth is reduced. We have less access to our creative intelligence and Prosperity Thinking. Our breathing becomes more labored, our minds become more distracted and we become less able to focus. Instead of being present, we mat dwell about the past or worry about the future. Whatever doubts, insecurities or fears we have in our unconscious man begin to take charge.

I like to make an analogy with our immune system. When we feel highly stressed, anxious or sleep deprived, we are more likely to get ill. And when we are ill, our decision-making and productivity usually decline. However, when we take good care of our health, we are more likely to feel wellbeing. And when we have a feeling of wellbeing, we make better decisions and are more productive.

More to come very soon. Next blog will give tips on how to increase your psychological bandwidth.