For financial service, mental health and coaching professionals, we offer proprietary coaching and training programs to help you:

We coach locally, nationally, and internationally with clients from all walks of life. Appointments are held on the telephone, or for those of you in the Los Angeles area, in-person at our Brentwood office.

Planners and Coaches: A Natural Fit?

Financial planners advise clients, but to whom do planners turn when they need professional or personal advice? For some planners, working with a coach for guidance on topics ranging from practice marketing to work/life balance is the solution


Thank you for presenting at the 2011 FPA Annual Conference. You did a great job...Your content was excellent, your delivery was effective, and the experiential exercises you facilitated helped the participants get plenty of take-home value.

Bill Bachrach
CSP, CPA, - San Diego, CA

You have significantly increased my effectiveness in helping clients understand who they are, where they are, where they want to be and, most importantly, instilling the belief that they can get there... The Psychology of Money Coaching Program is a must, and I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Jeffrey Wheeler
President, The Wealth Collaborative

Dr. Jim Gottfurcht delivered a dynamic and uplifting presentation at the Financial Planning Association. His insights and proprietary techniques for guiding clients through tough times are as reassuring as they are effective. As President of FPA-LA and as a wealth manager myself, I appreciate and value his guidance in my own client practice.

Eric Bruck
Principal, Silver Oak Wealth Advisors, LLC - Los Angeles, CA