Please read some of the many testimonials we have received from clients.

"Bar none...the work that we did last year was the best thing I did for myself... Our sessions have had a major impact on my life... I see differences in the way other people are coached. For me, you are the right coach... Consider me one of your success stories."

Roberta Lee-Driscoll,
CFP Honolulu, HI

James, thanks again for giving me the opportunity to participate in your Psychology of Money Coaching Program. You have greatly deepened my understanding of both my clients and myself. In addition, you have significantly increased my effectiveness in helping clients understand who they are, where they are, where they want to be and, most importantly, instilling the belief that they can get there. For that, both my clients and I will be eternally grateful. The Psychology of Money Coaching Program is a must, I couldn't recommend it more highly. You are a credit to your profession and the entire financial services industry and I wish you all the best.

Jeffrey Wheeler President,
The Wealth Collaborative

Your empathy training workshop was outstanding. You are a fantastic presenter and your material was rich with information. You have made me a better clinician, and I am grateful.

Daniel Franklin, Ph. D.
President, Franklin Educational Services, Los Angeles

Your empathy training workshop was outstanding. You are a fantastic presenter and your material was rich with information. You have made me a better clinician, and I am grateful.

Daniel Franklin, Ph. D.
President, Franklin Educational Services, Los Angeles

Empathy is such a critically important key to satisfying, successful and fulfilling relationships, whether in your family or at work. Empathy can prevent, mitigate and resolve conflict. If you see a doctor who is empathic to his patients, you know those patients will love and appreciate him/her. Dr. James Gottfurcht is a superb teacher of empathy. I have been fortunate to have taken some of his courses, and my life has been enriched. If this were Amazon.com or Trip Advisor, I would give Dr. Gottfurcht's courses five stars.

Sheldon Wolf, M.D.,
Los Angeles, CA

Your course, "Coaching to Enhance Clients' Financial Success" was a big success. Several of the students have contacted me letting me know how helpful they found the course, and how significantly it is helping them move forward in their own life. I was impressed that you were able to communicate such a significant amount of material in a series of building blocks that were stimulating and easy for the coaches to learn. Also, your empathic style and sharing of some of your own experiences created a safe and trusting atmosphere from the beginning. Having taught several courses to our students myself, I was impressed with how your case stories were highly effective in how to apply your principles in the coaches' work settings. I consider the class a major success and I hope you will be available to teach it again as soon as we can arrange a mutually convenient time.

Jeff Auerbach,
Ph.D. Founder, College of Executive Coaching - Ventura, CA

Thank you for presenting at the 2011 FPA Annual Conference. You did a great job...Your content was excellent, your delivery was effective, and the experiential exercises you facilitated helped the participants get plenty of take-home value.

Bill Bachrach, Ph. D.
CSP, CPA, - San Diego, CA

I attended Dr. Gottfurcht's "Four Foundational Questions to Accelerate Client Self-Discovery, Trust and Commitment" presentation at the Financial Planning Associations 2011 National Conference in San Diego. Dr. Gottfurcht is a consummate professional. One of the greatest challenges planners face is getting our clients to open up and tell us what they really want. Dr. Gottfurcht's experiential teaching style makes it easy to learn and develop new skills in an "ah ha" moment of time. Moreover, using the foundational questions helps the planner understand, quickly, how clients want to enjoy and co-create their planning experience. I highly recommend Dr. Gottfurcht to any organization seeking to benefit from his 35 years of experience and research on the psychology of money.

Neal Van Zutphen

I thought I knew a lot about empathy, so I expected the class to be mostly a refresher. Much to my surprise and delight, I learned and developed my empathy skills at a much deeper level than I had imagined. Dr. Gottfurcht created such a safe environment for the people to share their thoughts and feelings that I had meaningful connections with many people in the class. The class has significantly improved my communication with my wife, my children, my friends, and the people I work with. This "beginning" empathy class is highly valuable for people of all levels of ability of communication.

Michael Sather
Senior Project Leader, American Honda, Torrance, CA

I wanted to write to thank you. Collaborating with you on client cases over the past 19 months and the class you led this spring has evolved, enhanced and improved not only my clients' lives, but also my entire business model. Financial planning and coaching have become seamless with my new arsenal of tools. Here is a recent comment I received from a coaching client who participated in a Psychology of Money Profile feedback session: "I learned more about my husband in the two hour session with Dr. Jim than I have in the forty plus years we have been married." I always recommend your class, "Coaching to Enhance Clients' Financial Success" as well as the The Psychology of Money Profile. Your system works the entire spectrum for financial planners from those who just want to learn more about their clients to intensive personal coaching. I look forward to future classes and client cases with you. Of course, a personal coaching session with you for myself is always a treat and keeps me on track when I need a good strategy or pre-client coaching session pep talk. Thanks again!

Sherry Hazan-Cohen
CFP - NAPFA, Registered Financial Advisor, Lifestyle Coach - Plano, TX

I had a good fortune of taking the Psychology of Money Profile and then discussing the results with Dr. James Gottfurcht. Being an attorney, I approached the process with more than a healthy dose of skepticism. I found the Psychology of Money Profile to be very enlightening and would strongly recommend it. Simply answering the questions causes one to concretely think about one's views and beliefs concerning money. The real benefit comes from obtaining the interpretation of the results from Dr. Gottfurcht. Even though I consider myself to be financially successful, my responses indicated that I engage in negative self-talk about money. For instance, I was taught that it is not "good form" to discuss financial issues. Dr. Gottfurcht furnished me with suggestions about improving my imagery concerning money. Based on the fact that I am always pressed for time, this was an easy and quick way to focus on those areas that need it the most. I know that you will learn as much, if not more, from your experience with the "Psychology of Money Profile".

Pamela Ann Thatcher
Attorney at Law - Corona, CA

Dr. Gottfurcht has been instrumental in helping me develop my coaching practice, eliminate obstacles that were keeping me stuck, and polish my skills. His encouragement, honest feedback, and depth of knowledge gave me the enthusiasm and confidence I needed to obtain the results I wanted. His coaching was worth every penny I invested in him. This valuable experience enriched me personally, professionally, and financially. I knew that I could only expect the very best from a topnotch professional such as Dr. Gottfurcht. However, he completely exceeded my expectations!"

Claudia Franzosi
MA, MFT - President/CEO, Center for Success Strategies - San Diego, CA

Thank you so much for your wonderful and inspiring lecture. The membership was very impressed by your body of knowledge and are already requesting your return at a future meeting. You had a wonderful way of bringing us hard facts rapped with your incredible sense of humor. I also wish to extend my personal appreciation, for both your time and flexibility, given how busy you are. I am truly grateful.

Antonia N. Ludwig
MFCC - First Vice President, CAMFT- Los Angeles, CA

Dr. James W. Gottfurcht spoke to members of the Los Angeles Chapter of California Assoc. of Marriage and Family Therapists about psychology of money and helped over 100 mental health professionals learn about six psychological money traps that interfere with rational financial behavior. He also showed what they could do to help clients to successfully navigate them. His dynamic and informative presentation included practical tips of what to do, when to emphasize a cognitive or behavioral approach and when to shift to a more empathic and deeper feeling approach. It was a rich experience for all who attended.

Lynne Azpeitia
MFT - L A Chapter of California Assoc. of Marriage and Family Therapists

I attended Navigating the Minefields of Money workshop offered by Dr. James Gottfurcht. What a powerful experience! My association with Dr. Gottfurcht and the use of Psychology of Money assessment tools has forever changed the way I do business. Thank you, Dr. Gottfurcht, for your wise counsel to my clients after loss of their parent. Settlement of the clients estate now proceeds with ease. As for new clients, Psychology of Money is the perfect place to start. Knowing a clients psychological and behavioral strengths and struggles greatly enhances the investment consulting process.

Carolyn J. Tomlinson
Registered Investment Advisor and Investment Consultant - Moorpark, California

I really enjoyed your recent UCLA Extension course, The Psychology of Money. As a fellow-instructor, I admired your course content and structure. In only one day, you led us step-by-step into confronting our barriers to prosperity and then into discovering solutions to our financial challenges. We all seemed to feel safe and to open up with you. With your warm, easy-going style, humor, colorful examples and lots of interaction - you made it fun as well as enlightening. I am looking forward to working further with you!

Pamela Kelly
Communications Consultant - Redondo Beach, CA

Dr. Jim Gottfurcht delivered a dynamic and uplifting presentation at the Financial Planning Association of Los Angeles monthly luncheon meeting. At a time when financial advisors are as deeply stressed and concerned about this economy as their clients are, Dr. Gottfurcht's insights and proprietary techniques for guiding clients through tough times are as reassuring as they are effective. As President of FPA-LA and as a wealth manager myself, I appreciate and value his guidance in my own client practice.