Money Therapy

What Is Psychotherapy?

Money therapy helps people to overcome their financial challenges from the inside out by improving their conscious and unconscious relationship with money. Money therapy includes changing people’s feelings, attitudes, beliefs, expectations, meanings and overall mindset toward money by increasing prosperity or abundance thinking and reducing poverty or scarcity thinking. The result is that people discover how to think, feel and behave more successfully with money.

Money therapy is primarily for individuals, couples and families who are seeking to resolve any of the
following financial challenges that are psychologically based:

Watch the BBC Video on the challenges of acquiring sudden wealth.


Dr. James W. Gottfurcht spoke to members of the L A Chapter of California Assoc. of Marriage and Family Therapists about psychology of money and helped over 100 of us learn about6 psychological money traps that interfere with rational financial behavior. He also showed what they could do to help clients to successfully navigate them.

Lynne Azpeitia
MFT - L A Chapter of California Assoc. of Marriage and Family Therapists

Dr. Jim Gottfurcht delivered a dynamic and uplifting presentation at the Financial Planning Association. His insights and proprietary techniques for guiding clients through tough times are as reassuring as they are effective. As President of FPA-LA and as a wealth manager myself, I appreciate and value his guidance in my own client practice. .

Eric Bruck
Principal, Silver Oak Wealth Advisors, LLC - Los Angeles, CA

I attended Navigating the Minefields of Money workshop offered by Dr. James Gottfurcht. What a powerful experience! My association with Dr. Gottfurcht and the use of Psychology of Money assessment tools has forever changed the way I do business. Thank you, Dr. Gottfurcht, for your wise counsel to my clients after loss of their parent. Settlement of the clients estate now proceeds with ease. As for new clients, Psychology of Money is the perfect place to start. Knowing a clients psychological and behavioral strengths and struggles greatly enhances the investment consulting process.

Carolyn J. Tomlinson
Registered Investment Advisor and Investment Consultant - Moorpark, Californiasa