Couples Therapy and Empathy Training

Couples Therapy offers a unique opportunity to strengthen what is often the most significant relationship of our adult lives. Intimate relationships can be challenging because we all carry some degree of childhood wounds from imperfect parenting. Consciously, we are attracted to each other for one set of reasons while unconsciously we may be drawn to each other for different reasons. When we repeat hurtful patterns of behavior with our partners, it is often due to issues we have not yet resolved with one or both parents.

Couples Therapy begins with understanding the conscious and more immediate reasons you are seeking help with your relationship. If needed, it can delve into any unconscious aspects of why you chose each other and what may be unresolved between you and your parents. My approach includes teaching you important communication tools for how to speak and listen to each other with deep attunement and empathy.

Scientific research on empathy reveals it to be the most powerful communication skill in helping and understanding others. This includes therapeutic, marital, parental, and other important types of relationships. For Couples Therapy to be successful, it is crucial for the therapist to understand your authentic feelings and inner experience. Likewise, for you to be successful with your relationships, it is important for you to understand your partner’s feelings. To accelerate your learning curve in communication, I can share original material and exercises from my Empathy Training workshops at UCLA Extension.

Empathy Training teaches you how to:

  • Increase connection and attachment
  • Strengthen teamwork
  • Manage anger
  • Repair relationship mistakes
  • Soothe emotional hurts
  • Increase empathy for yourself

Couples Therapy supports you to speak your feelings, needs, and vulnerabilities directly to each other in safe and respectful ways. This increases your ability to understand and feel understood by each other. You can learn how to differentiate your partner from past relationships and form a unique relationship that is stronger and more meaningful than either of you have known. As a result, trust and the ability to soothe each other replace suspicion and hurting each other. Your relationship becomes more secure and you can live a richer and more expansive life.

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